Author: donovan

Overall, Tommy on vinyl has rich definition, especially in the guitars and bass. You can hear it from the first wild acoustic strumming on the Overture. Sparks is a revelation, with thunderous drumming and deep melodic bass. Listen for the ragged harmonies on Go To The Mirror Boy, it comes through with intimate clarity. Tommy Read more

Rhymin’ Simon is beautifully produced and recorded, with shimmering crisp highs and plenty of transparency in the layers of instruments. Vocals are silky and wet with analog reverb. You can hear a world of details in the drumming, especially the cymbals. Pianos have natural acoustic timbre, and you can feel the bounce of hammers against Read more

Album-wise, this is my favorite from McCartney. I love Venus And Mars and Band On The Run, and about half of Red Rose Speedway (the fantastic “Little Lamb Dragonfly” was apparently recorded during the Ram sessions), but this is like McCartney’s Tumbleweed Connection. It’s the album where you feel he is the least calculated, and Read more

Side 1 Monday Morning From Buckingham’s first breath and crack of the galloping drums, the transparency of this record is apparent. You can hear the wiry, surging guitars over deep rich bass and the separation between the desperate lead vocal and flawless harmonies. Warm Ways This track has always sounded silky smooth, and vinyl takes Read more

Sonically, both sides of Freewheelin’ present a clear reflection of the master tapes. Dylan’s “voice like sand and glue” is at the front of the mix with a lifelike quality not heard on any digital offering. Hearing this 1963 recording on vinyl is like sitting by the fire with Dylan and his guitar in 1962/1963 Read more